Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake at Dusk

For those of you that don’t know me, I am an emerging landscape and wildlife photographer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  From childhood, I spent my free time in the in the woods fishing, hunting or just all around exploring up until the time I went to university.  Throughout university and for several years following graduation I rarely found the time to get out into nature while I established my career.  Looking for a change, I took a job in Calgary and found myself in a prime position to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Wanting to be able to bring home the grand scenery and wildlife encounters I witnessed in the mountain parks I soon began studying the finer points of photography and honing my skills.  What began as a casual hobby of opportunity soon became a dedicated passion which resulted in creating opportunities whether it be by leaving Calgary at 3 AM to be on location for sunrise or staking out known hot spots and driving hundreds of kilometers on end in search of wildlife.

In this blog, I will share photos and the stories behind them, write about the challenges I face as I run my business, report on adventures and close encounters that may not result in stellar images and may even sprinkle in the occasional photography tip.  I would like encourage discussion, questions and feedback, provided they are constructive and enhance the relaxed tone that I will establish.